Immersion as Education:  Life in Long-term Care

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                                                                      Course Description

Participants will spend approximately 48 consecutive hours consisting of one weekend in a long- term care facility as a “resident” with a simulated disability of an older adult. This course will examine, review, and reflect on current trends in person-centered care for older adults. 

During the nursing home stay, participants will

  • Be encouraged to relinquish their cell phones (which will be kept by the program facilitator and given to participants periodically throughout the weekend to check)
  • Complete care facility admitting paperwork (as time allows)
  • Meet with dietitian
  • Move into their rooms
  • Meet their resident roommate (if one is available for them) and take on the role of a resident
  • Live as residents and participate in meals, activities, and daily routine with residents.
  • Be encouraged to journal 4 guided reflections during their 48 hour stay.
  • Be offered the opportunity to take on a challenge each AM and PM as part of their long-term care experience.

Examples of challenges may include: wearing an incontinence garment and using it, being isolated to their room and eating meals in their room, experiencing a “fall”, drinking thickened liquids or pureed foods, asking for an alcoholic drink, allowing staff to give them a bath, or asking staff if one can make an outside call on the telephone.  After being discharged from the care facility, the participants will participate in a two-hour debriefing and group reflection session with the instructor.

 Participants will give all medications both prescription and over the counter medications to the nursing staff upon admittance to the care facility.  The nursing staff will administer medications to the participants when they come to the nursing station to take their medications.  Absolutely NO medications are allowed in the resident’s rooms.  Your admitting paperwork will include information about any routine health care needs you may have.  Please advise staff if you are in need of any medical or other assistance.

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