Case management has many different definitions and levels of care.  We provide comprehensive case management for the individuals we serve. We bring 25 years of assessment experience to our clients.  Covenant Transitions Case Management can help an individual in the following areas:

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  • ‚ÄčTaking clients to physician appointments and accompanying them at the appointment, taking notes and reviewing appointment with client. I can also report to individuals (such as family) regarding the appointment if the client directs me to do so and I have a signed release.
  • Assisting the client to integrate into a new community by helping them to find and connect to available resources.
  • Assist client in paying bills, running errands and addressing personal business tasks as needed.


  • Provide information regarding resources to assist in moving such as insured movers, packing supplies, agencies accepting donations, potential buyers of collections and personal effects, individuals to help clean and prepare home for resale or termination of lease, realtors specializing in senior services.
  •  Linking clients to social services that will address unmet needs, if necessary making appointments and supporting client during the appointments.
  • Taking Clients to view potential places to live, take notes during the meeting and provide a detailed report of each meeting.